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Arbitration and Mediation

  • Representation of client interests in arbitration and mediation suits, involving matters pertaining to Civil Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Competition Law and Administrative Law, among others, including the development of strategies for action;
  • Elaboration and review of arbitration clauses and submission to arbitration;
  • Acting as arbitrators and mediators.

Administrative Law

  • Legal assistance in public bidding processes, involving prior analysis of tenders and adoption of measures aimed at protecting the interests of bidders from an administrative and judicial standpoint;
  • Legal assistance on managing administrative contracts;
  • Legal assistance for structuring and implementing compliance programs;
  • Assistance in the structuring of joint public-private partnerships;
  • Administrative and judicial defense of public officials and private individuals on matters relating to administrative misconduct, including investigative procedures and examination instigated by the Department of Justice and the Court of Auditors;
  • Assistence in administrative and judical matters/cases regarding/involving the subdivision, use, and occupation of land;
  • Consulting and assistance in the administrative and judicial cases regarding government restrictions on private property, such as administrative requests, historical site recording, public easements and expropriation;
  • Public service´s constumer protection in administrative and judicial matters;
  • Assistance in administrative and judicial matters involving public procurement, legal systems, disciplinary procedures and retirement of civil servants;
  • Development of administrative defense and participation in the judicial area with respect to the Regulatory Agencies.

Civil and Commercial Law

  • Judicial proceedings related to banking contracts and other financial institutions, mainly to open fixed and rotating credit lines, chattel mortgages, leasing and consortiums;
  • Consultation, planning and other procedures related to the management of banking liabilities;
  • Consultation and assignments in the administrative and judicial areas involving insurance-related issues;
  • Elaboration and analysis of contracts;
  • Bankruptcy proceedings and judicial recovery;
  • Judicial and extra-judicial orders in reference with industrial and commercial property, trademarks and patents;
  • Consultation in real estate deals;
  • Debt collections;
  • Judicial actions related to leases, such as ejectments, rent reviews, renovations and inspections, real estate possession and property, condominiums and real estate incorporations;
  • Judicial orders concerning indemnity for moral, material and esthetic losses;
  • Demand involving medical and hospital matters;
  • Inventory and succession law;
  • Judicial pleadings on promissory notes, bills of exchange, checks, bills and other securities.

Corporate Law

  • Assistance in the purchase and sale of share holdings, industrial or commercial establishments, assets, trademarks, and other business assets process (M&A transactions);
  • Assistance in planning and structuring or reorganizing business and business activities;
  • Drafting of articles of organization and amendments for limited liability companies;
  • Incorporation of companies and drafting of the respective documents, including articles of incorporation and minutes of meetings;
  • Preparation of shareholder/quotaholder agreements, including voting agreements, options to buy and/or sell share/quotas, preemptive rights, or tag along agreement;
  • Organization of simple companies, associations, foundations, consortia, cooperatives, and their respective corporate acts, or other partnership or joint venture agreements;
  • Participation in shareholders meetings;
  • Reorganization by means of conversion, consolidation, merger, and/or split-up of companies;
  • Preparation of legal audit (due diligence);
  • Court-ordered and out-of-court dissolutions and adoption of provisional remedies related to such actions;
  • Assistance in corporate disputes and assessment of corporate assets.

Environmental Law

  • Legal advice on environmental licensing processes;
  • Administration of environmental liabilities;
  • Conducting litigation involving environmental issues in the administrative and judicial fields;
  • Representation before federal, state and municipal environmental bureaus;
  • Consulting involving legislation and environmental management.

International Law

  • Negotiation and preparation of sales agreements of goods between foreign parties;
  • Negotiation and preparation of services´ and trademarks, brands, patents and rights´ assignment entailing local and international companies or individuals;
  • Legal consultancy regarding incorporation of companies held by foreign investors;
  • Negotiation and preparation of equity and/or assets acquisition in Brazilian territory;
  • Registration of foreign investors and investments under Brazilian authorities, especially tax agencies and Brazilian Central Bank;
  • Legal assistance concerning permits and visas for foreign citizens;
  • International tax planning.

Labor Law

  • Defense in the judicial fields of labor actions, including as a result of an industrial accident;
  • Legal suits for the collection of labor credits;
  • Analysis of labor proceedings;
  • Assistance in the conduction of disciplinary measures as to the personal right to work;
  • Assistance and consultation in the hiring of outsourced manpower;
  • Assistance, consultation and defense in administrative proceedings in the inspection proceedings promoted by organs of the Ministry of Labor;
  • Assistance and consultation in the proceedings established with Regional Labor Office of the Attorney General;
  • Assistance in the management of labor liabilities;
  • Elaboration and analysis of employment contracts;
  • Elaboration and analysis of collective labor agreements;
  • Counseling and participation in the negotiations of collective agreements and conventions.

Patrimonial and Succession Planning

  • Incorporation of entities and corporate reorganisation regarding family companies and assets located in Brazil or abroad, including holding companies;
  • Assets repatriation;
  • Preparation of shareholder´s or member´s agreements concerning family companies, aiming to regulate family businesses;
  • Preparation of Family Board and Board of Directors´s regulations of family companies, including participating at their meetings;
  • Revision of private investment funds concerning successors and tax matters;
  • Preparation and revision of agreements, wills and other legal documents aiming succession procedures, “inter vivos” transfer and reduction of family conflicts;
  • Preparation of prenuptial agreements;
  • Legal consultancy and intermediation on family members conflicts;
  • Tax planning regarding inheritance, donations and assets transfer.


  • Consultation and assistance in sports legislation;
  • Drafting of contracts between athletes, clubs, sponsorships and businessmen;
  • Analysis of the civil, labor, tax and social security aspects as to sports entities;
  • Legal auditing of the clubs;
  • Guidance of investors in the negotiations;
  • Defense of the clients’ interests in all stages of the law suit;
  • Image right;
  • Licensing of products related to the clubs’ trademarks.


Tax Law

  • Defenses in the judicial and administrative fields against tax entries;
  • Filing of judicial orders against the Federal Union of Brazil, the States or the City Governments in order to reduce the tax burden;
  • Handling of court injunctions in order to obtain the certificates required to participate in public biddings or exoneration writs for not fulfilling accessory tax obligations;
  • Tax consultation and planning;
  • Assistance in the management of tax liabilities;
  • Analysis of tax proceedings in acquisitions, mergers, incorporations and split-ups, and reorganizations.