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OAB/MG 31.817
OAB/SP 415.207

Academic education

• Graduated in Law from Universidade de Itaúna (ITU)
• Accountant graduated from Instituto Municipal de Administração e Ciências Contábeis (IMACO)
• Founding partner of Moura Tavares, Figueiredo, Moreira e Campos Advogados
• He has been involved in administrative litigation and tax consulting since 1966
• Experience in different companies, mainly in the tax, accounting, labor and administrative areas, including at the legal board level
• Active participant in lectures, seminars, publication of articles, class associations and other initiatives of business interest
• Experience in processes involving incorporation of companies, mergers, divisions, incorporations, tax planning, concordats, bankruptcy, judicial recovery, among other interventions of judicial repercussion